SOLARGROUP knowledge base

Advantages for SOLARGROUP investors

SOLARGROUP provides people with the opportunity to invest a reasonable amount in an enterprise at an early stage of its development in order to receive passive income in the future.
That's what favourably distinguishes investing with SOLARGROUP.
  • There is a high probability of receiving a high income. It is achieved due to the fact that the company selects projects for funding, within the framework of which an innovative product that has no analogues in the world and is in demand on a global scale will be produced. At the same time, at the start of the project, its creators already have a patented and tried-and-true technology, as well as a clear business plan.
  • Low financial entry threshold for investors. The minimum investment is $ 50. This is the monthly payment amount when buying a $ 500 investment package. A large number of packages of various denominations and with different installment plans are provided for investors. You can choose the one with the most comfortable payments for you. To get the maximum benefit from purchasing the package, it is important to repay the installment in full. Besides, SOLARGROUP offers another way of affordable investing, in which you can do without investing at all. This is partner business.
  • Legal protection. When purchasing the investment shares, the investor enters into an agreement with SOLARGROUP, which regulates the right to receive profits proportionally to the number of shares purchased. In order to legally secure the right to own the shares, the investor must undergo the verification procedure in the back office. Only then will he or she be able to receive income from the investments in the future. After verification, an electronic certificate is issued to the investor for the paid shares. In addition, the investor can get hard copies of the agreement, certificate and other documents if desired.
  • The ability to invest from anywhere in the world. SOLARGROUP has created the back office, whose functionality allows the investor to securely and conveniently add funds to the main account, and then to use these funds for purchasing the investment shares. The platform can be accessed from both a computer and mobile devices. The back office has been translated into 22 languages. All this makes investing in the project accessible to residents of any world country.
  • Customer support. When the investor has a question or difficulty related to operating the back office, he or she can contact SOLARGROUP technical support. The technical support specialists provide advice in 7 main languages (automated translation is used for other languages). You can get advice on your issue both in the back office online chat and via the other channels
  • The opportunity to support innovations that benefit the world. SOLARGROUP is engaged in attracting funding only to those projects that are capable of improving the quality of life for most people in the world through innovative scientific and technical solutions. These are projects from the field of green energy, waste recycling, water desalination, pharmaceutics, artificial intelligence, space research, etc. The product that will be produced after the implementation of the current project "Duyunov's motors" is energy-efficient electric motors capable of reducing global electricity consumption by 40 percent with large-scale application.