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Offer for the investors of the project "Duyunov's motors"

SOLARGROUP offers the project participants to invest in the "Sovelmash" innovative enterprise engaged in the commercialization of the unique "Slavyanka" technology.
The project investors purchase the investment shares of SOLARGROUP, which is one of the co-founders (49% of shares) of the engineering company "Sovelmash". After completing the project funding, OOO "Sovelmash" will be reorganized into a public joint stock company. The investment shares will be exchanged for the shares of "Sovelmash". The investors will be able to receive passive income from their investments after the project funding is completed. 
The shares are purchased at a price that is much lower than it will be after the project funding is completed. Due to this, as well as thanks to the installment system for a period of 10 to 30 months, investments in the project "Duyunov's motors" are available to people even with low incomes. 
The investment shares are formed into packages of various denominations ($ 500, $ 1 000, $ 5 000 and others). The more expensive a package, the lower the cost of one share in it. 
The investor's rights are legally protected. When purchasing the investment shares, the investor and SOLARGROUP enter into an agreement. The paid shares are registered as property, which is secured by a corresponding certificate, that can be obtained both electronically and in a hard copy. 
People from any country can invest in the project: this does not require special knowledge and considerable capital. The online back office platform created by SOLARGROUP has been translated into 22 languages. 
By investing in the project, its participants ensure their own financial well-being and support innovation that can improve the ecology of the entire planet.
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