Funding dynamics and project implementation roadmap

Project funding
The funding is attracted for the construction and putting into operation of the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department (D&E).


71 416 075 $





















The project funding is divided into 20 stages. A number of key tasks are performed at each stage. The closer the project is to its finish line, the lower the risks and the lower the discount for purchasing investment shares. Therefore, the earlier you buy shares, the more profitable it is for you.

The project is now at funding stage 18

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In order to go to stage 19, to be done

connect the heating

complete the storm water drainage system

provide water supply

establish the Internet connection

put the sanitary sewerage system in operation

connect telemetry

connect power supply

"Sovelmash" D&E construction by year

This shows the key stages in the development of the project.
Further goals of "Sovelmash" within the project
Complete the D&E construction
Pass the state commission inspection
Put the D&E into operation
Start executing orders to develop electric motors and paying dividends to investors


Investments - 70 437 938$
Participants - 467 292
Investors - 61 885
Partners - 18 100
Engineering networks and facilities in the D&E
The main scope of work was completed on the engineering networks outside the building
Wiring and connecting the utilities inside the D&E started
A considerable part of landscaping the area at "Sovelmash" was completed
The internal finishing started in the D&E
The process equipment was installed and the start-up and commissioning started


Investments - 53 636 482$
Participants - 409 829
Investors - 50 776
Partners - 15 418
Construction, new motors, participation in exhibitions
The thermal circuit of the building was closed thanks to installing the walls, roof, windows and other components
The universal "Slavyanka" based electric drive for power tools and household appliances as well as a gearless elevator winch were developed
New patents were obtained
"Sovelmash" had a successful debut at the "Army-2022" forum


Investments - 41 270 787$
Participants - 353 809
Investors - 44 470
Partners - 13 627
Construction and new developments
The Incremental encoder and a unit for its production were developed
A new patent was obtained
The automated line for the production of low-volume batches of electric motors was installed


Investments - 30 010 542$
Participants - 283 266
Investors - 34 249
Partners - 10 613
D&E construction start
Numerous inspections of the project documentation were completed and construction permit obtained for the ""Sovelmash"" D&E was obtained
The world's first electric motors with the "Slavyanka" combined winding were developed from scratch and produced
The "Sovelmash" trademark was registered
New equipment was launched
A new patent was obtained


Investments - 18 629 058$
Participants - 212 647
Investors - 22 132
Partners - 6 827
Residency in "Technopolis "Moscow"
"Sovelmash" became a resident of the special economic zone "Technopolis "Moscow" after completing a rigorous selection process
A land plot was obtained for the D&E construction at the "Alabushevo" site
Preparing the project documentation for the D&E construction started
Two new patents were obtained
The world's first motor of energy efficiency class IЕ3 in class IЕ1 housing was developed
The winding area and new equipment were launched


Investments - 8 058 378$
Participants - 126 201
Investors - 8 470
Partners - 2 252
New capacities and developments
Several new patents were obtained
Preliminary project documents for the D&E construction was prepared
The test bench equipment was installed and launched in the laboratory
New equipment was installed in the testing and laser areas


Investments - 943 951$
Participants - 23 849
Investors - 2 757
Partners - 720
Project implementation start
The land plot was approved for the construction of the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology bureau (D&E) in the special economic zone "Technopolis "Moscow" at the "Alabushevo" site
Decision on on "Sovelmash" entering the SEZ was received
The test bench equipment for testing electric motors was purchased
"Sovelmash" construction site now
The construction of the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department has reached its final stage. Engineering utilities are being installed and connected. Interior finishing, landscaping and commissioning of equipment are in progress.

The sooner the funding is completed, the sooner the "Sovelmash" D&E will be put into operation. And the sooner you will start earning dividends from the operations of the enterprise or income from selling your shares.

Invest in the project yourself and invite new investors to accelerate funding

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