SOLARGROUP knowledge base


SOLARGROUP is a new generation international financial company that conducts its activities in the field of crowdinvesting. With the help of a collective investment mechanism and the international partner network, SOLARGROUP organizes funding of promising technological commercial projects around the world.
What ensures the uniqueness and novelty of the company?

Firstly, the collective investment market itself is quite new and is developing very dynamically. Therefore, companies that have been growing in this market for several years and developing their projects as SOLARGROUP does, are already innovative. 
Secondly, even in this new market, SOLARGROUP is working at the forefront. We'll explain what this means. Classic crowdinvesting connects people and companies without intermediaries: a large number of people invest in a project at an early stage of its development. SOLARGROUP also works with a third party: partners who promote business projects around the world, acting as the company's agents. They, being investors of projects themselves, tell others about them, thereby opening up access to investments and opportunities for cooperation with SOLARGROUP for a huge number of people. This scheme works more efficiently than the classical approach. 
Thirdly, SOLARGROUP is engaged in funding only those innovative projects that are groundbreaking in their field and can significantly improve the quality of life for a large number of people and the ecology of our planet.