SOLARGROUP knowledge base

SOLARGROUP for projects

SOLARGROUP organizes funding of innovative technological projects by means of crowdinvesting. This method allows projects not to depend on the loan system and to be more sustainable in their development.

Cooperation with SOLARGROUP gives projects a number of advantages.
  • Marketing support. The company undertakes to promote the project and attract a flow of investments into it. 
  • Payment acceptance organization. SOLARGROUP is responsible for the security and accounting of investor payments. 
  • Ready-made IT solutions. The company is developing a multifunctional electronic platform for organizing project funding, which ensures attracting investments on an international scale. 
  • Legal support. The company is engaged in registration and verification of investors. 
  • A professional team. The company's specialists have 10 years of experience in organizing project funding. 
  • A loyal base of investors and partners. In addition to funding, projects are supported by thousands of people who believed in the technology and invested in it. They help spread information about the technology and are future buyers of the final product. 
The described approach employed by SOLARGROUP has been elaborated in practice in the course of funding the current project "Duyunov's motors", within the framework of which a design and engineering technology department aimed at developing energy-efficient electric motors is already being built using the investor funds.