SOLARGROUP knowledge base

Peculiarities of SOLARGROUP partnership marketing

The conditions of partner earnings in SOLARGROUP are determined by the marketing plan. It motivates the partner not only to invite investors to the project, but also to develop their own partner structure in depth. The partnership marketing is the most optimal strategy for the project and the company, since it enables saving money on testing advertising strategies. The company pays only for the partner performance results. 
  • The referral remuneration is accrued both from the amount of payments made by the first-level investors and from investments at levels two to twenty, depending on the partner status.
  • According to the marketing plan, there are 5 partner statuses: "Partner", "Specialist", "Master", "Expert" and "Professional". By increasing their status, partners also increase their income due to the amount and depth of referral remuneration. To achieve a higher status, a number of conditions must be met regarding the number of investors and/or partners in the first level, as well as the volume of investments. Thus, the career advancement towards a higher status depends solely on the goals and efforts of the partner. 
  • The referral remuneration is credited to the partner account in the back office. It becomes available for withdrawal if the partner invests at least $ 200 in the project. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.
  • The number of people in the structure is not limited, which ensures unlimited income in case of an extensive partner structure. 
  • There is no risk of "overtaking" the structure. In other words, the partner performance results, including all bonuses and rewards, will be assigned to him or her, even if other partners from his team reach a higher status on their career ladder. 
Detailed information about SOLARGROUP marketing plan, its features and conditions necessary for increasing the partner status can be found in the back office, "For Partners" section.