SOLARGROUP knowledge base

Who are SOLARGROUP partners?

SOLARGROUP partners are collaborators of an international financial company operating in the field of crowdinvesting. They provide information support and help organize the funding of promising technological commercial projects through a collective investment mechanism and the extensive partner network. The partners attract investors to the project and receive referral remuneration for their work results, which can be withdrawn in cash or reinvested in the project.
The partner activity is aimed not only at improving their own financial well-being, but is also of great value for other people and the planet in line with the mission of SOLARGROUP.
The partner helps other people:  
  • become co-owners of a promising company at the venture stage, so that in the future they will have the opportunity to receive passive income in dividends from the company's profits; 
  • earn here and now, using the partner business opportunities as the main or additional source of income; 
  • become committed to solving global environmental problems by promoting innovative projects that contribute to the preservation of our planet.