SOLARGROUP knowledge base

How SOLARGROUP partners earn profit

The partner earns profit from promoting SOLARGROUP projects and attracting investments in them. He or she receives a referral remuneration based on the results of their work, which can be withdrawn as money or reinvested in the project.
The process of earning money in partner business.
  • The partner recommends the project to other people, inviting them to register in the back office using his or her referral link.
  • After a person registers in the back office using the referral link, he or she becomes a member of the first level in the partner structure of the invitor.
  • After each investment in the project made by the person invited by the partner, the partner receives referral remuneration amounting to 15-16%, depending on the partner status. 
  • The referral remuneration is credited to the partner account. It can be withdrawn as money or reinvested, that is, it can be used to purchase investment shares in the project.
In addition to earning profit from the amount of directly attracted investments, the partner receives referral remuneration based on the performance of his or her partner structure. In other words, the investors invited by the partner can also become SOLARGROUP partners and start doing partner business, inviting new participants to the project. Thus, a multi-level partner structure is formed, the founder of which receives income from the second and subsequent levels, depending on the status. 
By working on developing and deepening the structure, the partner increases the amount and stability of the income. The income ceiling in this case is virtually unlimited.