SOLARGROUP knowledge base

What is partner business with SOLARGROUP?

Partner business is a special form of business cooperation between a company and partners aimed at promoting innovative projects, attracting investment in them and partners getting personal profit from it.
The partner enters into an agreement with the company, after which he or she gets two opportunities:
  • to independently engage in information promotion of the project,
  • to engage people to their partner structure by creating and developing a team of partners and receiving referral remuneration based on the results of their activities.
Advantages of partner business with SOLARGROUP
  • Flexible work schedule, which the partner establishes and controls independently. 
  • The opportunity to combine business with the main job, family chores, studies and personal interests.
  • The ability to work from anywhere in the world with the Internet access.
  • Assistance and support from the company (training, marketing materials, communication and joint events).
  • Unlimited amount of earnings that is determined by the partners themselves.
  • Belonging to the international community of like-minded people and partners of SOLARGROUP, who together implement large-scale innovative commercial projects.
Partner business can be an additional source of income, or it can become the main one, depending on the goals the partner pursues.