SOLARGROUP knowledge base

How do I replenish my back office account balance?

To add funds to your account, go to the "Wallet" section in the back office, the "Add funds" tab, or use the direct link /user/wallet/deposit.

Enter the amount you want to deposit in a designated field, and you'll see all the methods available to you to add funds to your main account. Choose the suitable way to add funds to your account. Then carefully read the manual and terms for the chosen method of payment below the top-up amount entry field. 
Tick the field to accept the conditions of the chosen method of adding funds and click "Continue".
Further steps depend on the chosen method of payment.

When your payment is credited, you will see your updated balance on the main page in "Main account".
The top-up transaction will also be reflected in the "Wallet" section, in the "Account activity" tab.