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How do I buy an investment package for my child?

You can buy and register investment shares in the SOLARGROUP back office in the name of your underage children. There are special child packages for this purpose.

How do I purchase a child package?

  • Go to the "Investments" section, "Child Packages" tab. You will see a list of investment packages that can be registered in the name of your child. These are packages of the same denomination, installment terms and discount as the standard packages.
  • Select a package and click "Execute".
  • Enter your child's full name. You can enter the other details at any time later, they will be necessary to transfer the shares to the child. You can enter and edit your child's details or add another child in your profile, under "My Children".
  • Sign an additional agreement to purchase shares for the child. A new agreement is drawn up for each child. All agreements are displayed in the "Documents" - "Schedules" section.
  • Click the "Purchase a Package" button and pay for the package in one lump sum or make the first installment payment.
  • Pay for the package in full so that you can then transfer the shares to the child.

How do I transfer ownership of a child package to my child?

You can only transfer shares to a child when he or she reaches the age of majority.

  • Be sure to get verified in the back office if you haven't done so yet. Your child must also be verified. It is possible to purchase a child package without verification, but it is required for the transfer of shares.
  • If you have paid for the child package in full and specified your child's date of birth, your profile, in the child's card, will display an offer to transfer ownership of shares to the child.
  • Click "Transfer Shares".
  • Specify the email address your child's account is linked to in the back office. Click "Send a request". A request for transfer of shares will be created. We will check it manually, and then the shares will be transferred to the child and he/she will be able to register them in their account.
  • The transferred investment shares and all information about the child will be deleted from your account.

Does buying a child package count as an investment?

Yes. The investment is made on your behalf and is considered your personal investment. Partner remuneration from buying child packages is calculated as usual.

What are the rules for paying for child packages?

The same payment rules apply to child packages as to standard packages.

How many packages can I register in the name of my child?

You can buy any number of child packages for one child, as well as for several children. The main thing is to repay them in full to transfer the shares to your child.

All questions and non-standard situations related to purchasing child packages are solved on a case-by-case basis. To do this, write to our technical support via the back office online chat or at [email protected]. We will definitely help you!