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Advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology

The "Slavyanka" technology is applicable to single-phase and three-phase induction electric motors, which, in their classic version, have either a "star" or "delta" winding design.
The peculiarity of the "Slavyanka" technology is a successful combination of two winding types ("star" and "delta") in one electric motor. They are connected in parallel, with a 30-degree shift of the resulting electromagnetic induction vectors. This design has a number of significant advantages over the traditional motors.
Electricity saving. Combined winding electric motors consume up to 40% less electricity. Their distinctive feature is an increased energy efficiency class. The technology makes it possible to produce motors of high energy efficiency classes IE3, IE4 in the connecting mass and size dimensions of motors with low energy efficiency class IE1. No one else in the world has been able to achieve this.
Production cost. The production of electric motors with "Slavyanka" uses on average 30% less copper and electrical steel, depending on the motor size. "Sovelmash" can produce four combined winding electric motors instead of three classic electric motors using the same amount of raw materials.

Reliability. The service factor of a combined winding electric motor is 2.5. In motors with classical winding types, this indicator does not exceed 1.3-1.4. A motor with "Slavyanka" can work much longer without repairs, even under higher loads. There are combined winding motors that have been working without breakdowns for over 20 years.

There are more advantages that electric motors with "Slavyanka" offer, for example:
- higher starting torques by an average of 35%,
- lower starting current by an average of 35 %,
- less noise and vibration.

There are two directions for implementing the combined winding technology.
The first direction is modernization, replacing the classic winding of the factory-made electric motor with "Slavyanka". 
The second direction is the design of a combined winding electric motor from scratch, with optimization of all its components for the most efficient performance of the technology.