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How the investors of the project will earn profit

Investors of the project "Duyunov's motors" have two ways to earn profit from their investments.

The first way is dividends. "Sovelmash" will earn profit from developing and producing electric rotating machines. "Sovelmash" will pay 50% of the profit allocated to dividends to the investors.

The second way is selling the securities purchased by the project investors at a price that is much lower than their potential nominal value. This is the so-called discount or reduced price for the purchased investment shares. 
The project is divided into 20 funding stages, at each of which a number of tasks are performed, thus approaching the project implementation, respectively, the risks are reduced, the discount also becomes lower. In other words, by investing at stage 10, you can purchase more investment shares than on stage 15 for the same amount of money. After the project implementation, the shares will cost even more, consequently, it will be possible to earn profit from their sale.