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How "Sovelmash" will earn profit

The design and engineering technology department (D&E) "Sovelmash" will earn profit from developing electric motors with the "Slavyanka" combined winding designed for various applications to address the customer needs and putting them into production at the customer's facilities.
Let's consider an example. "Sovelmash" is contacted by a manufacturer of electric vehicles who needs an electric motor designed for specific tasks. "Sovelmash" draws up the terms of reference to meet the customer needs, designs, develops the electric motor, conducts the necessary tests, on the D&E territory demonstrates to the customer the opportunity to mass produce the motors and performs many other necessary tasks. Once the development process is complete, "Sovelmash" sets up the motor production process at the customer's facilities (this service is called production setup). After that, the customer can independently produce electric motors designed for them.
It is worth noting that the development of electric motors is a profitable business. Currently, about 7-10 billion electric motors are produced worldwide, and not all of them meet modern energy efficiency requirements. The need for high-quality, energy-efficient motors is only growing. "Sovelmash" will develop new generation electric motors by applying the "Slavyanka" combined winding technology. They meet not only the current requirements, but also those parameters that will be applied to the motors in the future. Therefore, "Sovelmash" has the potential to become one of the leaders in the global electric motor market.

How much will "Sovelmash" earn?
Considering the global averages, the development of one electric motor costs from $ 50,000,000. "Sovelmash" will be able to develop up to three motors per year, depending on the complexity of the requirements. The profitability of this business makes the fulfillment of 2-3 orders sufficient for the company to pay off all the investments involved.
It should be added that "Sovelmash" and the potential customers have now reached agreements of intent to cooperate.