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Project funding

The combined winding technology was first successfully applied in practice by Dmitriy Duyunov in 1995. After that, Duyunov's team continued working on it.

Over these years, more than 20 patents have been obtained, dozens of motor tests have been conducted, and the technology advantages have been repeatedly proven in practice. A large number of potential customers have appeared who are ready to order the development of combined winding electric motors. The demand for "Slavyanka" and the opportunity to build a large-scale business on its basis have become obvious.

This is how the idea of the "Sovelmash" engineering center has evolved: an enterprise where Dmitriy Duyunov's team can develop unique electric motors to address the customer needs and earn profit from it. 
It was decided to raise the necessary funding by crowdinvesting (or collective funding). The essence of this method consists in attracting funds for the project not from one major investor, but from a large number of small and medium-scale investors. Crowdinvesting is the optimal method of funding scientific and industrial innovative projects in the context of the Russian realities, given their nature: long-term commercialization, technological risks, etc. 
Implementing innovative business of the technology and innovation type is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of money. Crowdinvesting enables you to receive funding not in a lump sum, but on a progressive basis and to provide additional funding if necessary. This method is more flexible and mobile, it helps to adjust to different realities, changes in business. Moreover, investors interested in the project implementation, promote it for free. 
Any person from any country can take part in the project, invest an affordable amount, and become a co-owner of the innovative enterprise.