China is to launch the production of solar electric boats with "Slavyanka" motors

12 September 2022

Victor Arestov's company ASPP Weihai Technology together with one of the largest producers of light aluminum boats in China is launching a new project to produce solar electric boats. The project is supported by the International Cooperation Center, Weihai City Government, Qingdao University and Bangkok University.

The goal of the project is to produce electric boats that will run on solar power. Similar vehicles with "Slavyanka" motors and solar panels are already in operation in Thailand, in the popular tourist area of Bangkok. Therefore, the project plans to collaborate with the University of Bangkok and develop joint strategies for the distribution of fully solar-powered boats.

Weihai is a maritime and fishing city. Fishermen here often stay at sea for hours, moving only within a few kilometers. The solar panels will be able to store energy during parking. In local sunny latitudes, the power and efficiency of motors with the "Slavyanka" combined winding are enough to run fishing boats on solar power alone, without recharging from the mains.

Besides, these boats can be used for transporting tourists and other purposes.

Victor Arestov noted: "Collaborating with two universities in Thailand and China, we will create a water vehicle that will go from Weihai to Bangkok without recharging and without carrying 2-3 tons of batteries. The government's interested for a good reason."

For "Sovelmash", these projects are useful because they demonstrate the advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology and boost the demand for it and for the services of the future D&E.


Results of the week in the project "Duyunov's motors"

11 September 2022

The "Sovelmash" D&E building is being prepared for the onset of cold weather in full swing, engaging a large number of construction teams. On the first floor of the testing and production building, the builders are performing waterproofing, pouring a protective layer of concrete and installing a two-layer rebar grid. Then the finishing concrete layer will be poured.

The thermal envelope of the building is virtually closed. There are two remaining tasks left: the airlock on the third floor and the ventilation grilles. The latest video from the construction site is available by following the link.

The D&E building has approached the fall and winter period well prepared. This became possible thanks to the competent work of the "Sovelmash" and SOLARGROUP teams and the support of investors. This includes a fundraising offer to collect funds for the engineering utilities. Last week its results were summed up. The main goal of the offer - to raise $ 3,000,000 - has been accomplished. The amount of 95,031,061 rubles (at the rate of 55-60 rubles per dollar) was handed over to "Sovelmash".

Now the task of every investor who bought an investment package in installments is to make timely payments in order to support the construction and get the bonuses in full!