Top 3 advantages of "Slavyanka" based motors

27 October 2022

What benefits do "Slavyanka" based combined winding motors offer to the world? We have highlighted three most impressive advantages.

1. Up to 40% energy saving

A distinctive feature of the general-purpose industrial motors with "Slavyanka" is the high energy efficiency classes IE3, IE4. The weight and dimensions of these motors remain unchanged compared to motors in the low energy efficiency class IE1. This means that it is possible to switch to such motors without introducing considerable changes to the equipment they are used in.

For example, the mass use of general-purpose industrial motors with "Slavyanka" in Russia will reduce power consumption so much that nuclear power plants will not be needed anymore!

Another example of cost-effectiveness: light-weight vehicles with "Slavyanka" based motors are able to travel on solar power alone, without recharging from the mains. This has been proven by the operation of electric boats in Thailand or tricycles in the middle belt of Russia.

2. Reduced material intensity

"Slavyanka" utilizes on average 30% less copper and electrical steel in electric motor production. Therefore, "Sovelmash" can produce four combined winding electric motors instead of three classic electric motors from the same amount of raw materials. This is a colossal saving of natural resources.

3. Increased reliability and service life

Compared to classic induction motors, "Slavyanka" based motors last much longer without repairs, even under higher loads.

In 1995, the technology was first successfully applied to the motors of the north-eastern pumping station in Stakhanov, which are still in operation today. And this is only one of many examples. The longevity and reliability of "Slavyanka" based motors allow not only saving on maintenance, but also reducing the environmental footprint made by landfills of "burnt out" equipment.

There are other advantages that electric motors with "Slavyanka" offer. Interested to hear about them too? Stay tuned for our posts!



Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

27 October 2022

These are the words of Arthur C. Clarke, writer and futurologist, the same man who created A Space Odyssey with Stanley Kubrick.

Technology has often been confused with magic throughout human history. And some developers were even burned at the stake, since people refused to believe that you could create something unique without supernatural powers. "If I don't understand it, then it's magic," the medieval man used to say. "If I don't understand it, then it's fraud," the modern man says.

Magic is often referred to even today in relation to technology. "Wow! It works as if by magic!" - I'm sure you've heard that phrase more than once. Or this one: "It won't work, we're not magicians." The developer of a unique technology today, of course, will not be burned at the stake, but he or she will have to endure a period of distrust and accusations of fraud.

In antiquity, the term "techne" included everything: art, craft, science - everything created by man, not by nature. You cannot say that this is not the case today. Art has techniques and often uses technology, manual labor (crafts) is automated, technology is used in all fields, including education and science. Only in the old days the gods helped to create the "techne", but now people have to cope by themselves.

The artists and engineers of Technoscience (one of the directions in contemporary art and a philosophical movement based entirely on scientific and technological practices), for example, use this property of technology - to resemble the divine origin - and go even further: in this movement, the techno artist acts as a demon, a guide of mysterious forces, capable of producing and fulfilling wishes. And that's a very valid approach! It fully reflects the worldview of modern people: technology really makes each of us want more and seek solutions to new problems in new technological developments.

See for yourself. The world is facing a global environmental problem - and the project "Duyunov's motors" emerges. The world is looking for new economic solutions - and crowdfunding technology emerges. The project "Duyunov's motors" and crowdinvesting are teaming up, and now each project participant influences the engineering center construction and distribution of the unique "Slavyanka" technology.

Magic? This is the world of technology, dear friends. Each of us is a little bit of a magician here.