Country in the project "Duyunov's motors": Russia

22 February 2023

The project "Duyunov's motors" is similar to a large and complex mechanism, and its good running is ensured by coordinated operation of every part. Investors and partners from nearly 200 countries supply the project with financial fuel and, like the chassis of a car, help it move toward the goal.

Russia can be considered the engine and the "brain" of the mechanism. Today the"Country in the Project" section will shed light on its contribution to the project.

Russia is the place where the "Slavyanka" technology and the idea of commercializing it were born, the "Sovelmash" team was built, and, in 2017, the crowdfunding of the project was launched. The Russians who responded to the invitation were the first investors in the project, and they ensured a successful start.

Later, the number of participants from other countries began to increase, and the project turned from Russian to international. But in 2022 the activity of Russian investors grew again. 

• 1st place by the number of registered participants — 86,346 (or 20%).
• 1st place by the volume of investment — 38% of the overall amount.
• 2nd place by the number of investors — 9,566 (or 18.5%).
• 2nd place by the number of partners — 18% of the total number in the project.

SOLARGROUP's national representative in Russia is Aleksandr Manzhula. 

Russia has always been and still is the leading country in the project, because Russians invest in "Sovelmash" not only for the sake of earning a profit or taking care of the environment, but also to support domestic design engineers and their product.



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21 February 2023

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