"Sovelmash" at the all-Russian meeting on the development of electric transport

16 May 2022

On May 12, "Sovelmash" took part in the all-Russian meeting on the development of electric transport and related infrastructure. The event was held in Moscow, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. It brought together representatives of state authorities, businesses, developers of electric cars and charging stations, scientific and educational organizations, certification bodies. 

Alexander Sudarev, head of the company's media office, made a report on behalf of "Sovelmash". He spoke about the goals of "Sovelmash", the construction of the design and engineering technology department and what services the future enterprise would provide.

The recorded broadcast of the meeting is available here
. The time code for Alexander Sudarev's presentation is 02:34:51.

The meeting participants learned about the advantages of combined winding electric motors and examples of their effective use, including in vehicles. Alexander Sudarev also explained how the mass introduction of motors with "Slavyanka" would benefit the Russian economy and business. 

The company's readiness for import substitution on its premises, as well as for the creation of innovative enterprises to produce energy-efficient motors in Russia, was highlighted too. The "Sovelmash" D&E will not only engage in developing motors, but also in putting them into production at the customer's facilities. Such enterprises will be as isolated as possible from the need to purchase foreign parts and process equipment, since "Sovelmash" develops these components as well.

The participation of "Sovelmash" in the meeting on the development of electric transport shows how relevant the company's activities are in the present-day realities. The Russian Federation's focus on creating import-substituting products opens up a window of opportunity for the D&E, which will help the enterprise gain a stronger foothold in the domestic and foreign markets. This increases the viability of our project and allows its investors to receive more profits.


Results of the week in the project "Duyunov's motors"

15 May 2022

The construction of the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department (D&E) has noticeably progressed during the week.

• The office and amenity building (O&A) has been fully covered with the exterior wall panels.
• Mounting the frames of the overhanging bay window is underway for the subsequent installation of panoramic glazing.
• The installation of wall panels in the testing and production part (T&P) of the building is nearing completion.
• The installation of the entire roof for both the O&A and the T&P is nearing completion.
• The ground warming in the T&P continues, which precedes the subsequent casting of the concrete bedding.
• The installation of interior partitions on the third floor is in progress.
• The technological aperture between the T&P and the O&A, which was previously needed to carry out work on the third floor of the O&A, has been covered with foam concrete blocks. Now it can be accessed via a staircase.

The mass production of Denzel Liberty electric motorcycles with DA-95S electric motors has been launched in China. The first batch of these electric bikes will be shipped to the United States. The DA-95S motor is a new motor model by ASPP Weihai, modernized by applying the combined winding technology "Slavyanka".
The motorcycle is suitable for all roads: country, urban and off-road.
The maximum speed is 90 km/h.
The range without recharging is 120 km.

The project has launched a series of offers for investors.
• Increase the investment package - for those who pay in installments.
• Bonus 5% shares when paying from the partner account.

And there are many more offers that are currently available in the project. You can view them in the back office, in the "Promo Offers" - "For Investors" section, or by following the link. Use and increase your benefits from investing.