"Sovelmash" results at stage 17: patents, developments, events

22 December 2022

Project funding stage 17 has been a breakthrough for "Sovelmash" in many ways. The main trend: in Russia, the media and officials started talking about the company as an innovative enterprise that is engaged in advanced development technologies. Major steps have been taken to introduce the company's products to the Russian and foreign markets.

Let's look back at the most significant developments and events of stage 17 and 2022.


• A universal plug-in electric drive based on a combined winding induction motor for household appliances and hand tools has been created. An angle grinder has been developed using it. "Sovelmash" technologies give the angle grinder an advantage over its counterparts: improved reliability and energy efficiency, reduced weight, noise and vibration levels, stable RPM, which does not decrease with load. Dmitriy Duyunov noted: "There are no angle grinders with such a drive in the world. There are no angle grinders made of regular electrical steel that operate at 600 Hz."

• Technological processes for aluminum vacuum casting under pressure for the built-in motor, gearless elevator winch and hub motors have been set up. Thanks to the casting technology used by "Sovelmash", we have been able to produce high-quality products that do not contain oxide inclusions and have achieved an optimal price-quality ratio.

• The BTR-80 demilitarized armored personnel carrier has been modernized. The specialists of "Sovelmash" installed an induction geared motor on each of the wheels, and a diesel generator feeds the battery system. As a result, reliability, off-road capability, maintainability, resistance to low temperatures, etc. of the all-terrain vehicle have been improved. For "Sovelmash", the armored personnel carrier is a bench that enables elaborating the control technologies for the series hybrid.


Two patents for "Sovelmash" inventions have been registered in 2022. "Sovelmash" now has 7 active patents for inventions, another 4 patents for inventions and 2 patents for utility models passed by "ASiPP".


• Cooperation with one of the largest factories in China, Weihai Allwin Electrical & Mechanical Tech. Co., Ltd, has been established. The company will produce "Slavyanka" based household appliances and power tools, developed by "Sovelmash". Angle grinders will be the first to go into mass production. The products will be supplied to markets in Russia, China and other countries.

• In December, Victor Arestov and Daniel Chan, Vice President of the Chinese factory, visited Moscow. The guests were given tours of the "Sovelmash" construction site and leased premises. A number of trilateral business meetings were held with the potential customers of "Sovelmash". Victor Arestov noted: "These are the first steps in entering global markets with the company's products."

• The "Sovelmash" trading house has opened - a platform for the sales of power tools and home appliances, that will develop a dealer network and service centers.

Besides, the company participated in various events during stage 17. We will tell you about them later.

Invest in "Sovelmash" and become a co-owner of the innovative enterprise. The best time to do this is before and including December 31, as long as investment shares are available at the profitable discount of stage 17. As the project goes to stage 18, the price of shares will go up.


"Business Shark" and " Partner Race": New Year's finale

22 December 2022

As a reminder, right now our active partners are participating in the "Partner Race" and "Business Shark" promotions. Are you in the win-win business game?

If so, there is important information for you. As you know, the current round of "Business Shark" and "Partner Race" lasts for three months, from October 1 to December 31. It's time to wrap up the "Business Shark" promo! We promised to give you advance notice, and we're keeping our promise. December 31, 2022 is the finale, and it will be a New Year's Eve event. Let's sum up the results, finalize the accrual of prizes, and, of course, congratulate the finalists. So, there aren't many days left to plan your promotional activities and get exactly the results and prizes you've been working hard to achieve.

Please note: we're ending the "Business Shark" promotion for good and we're not going to restart it.

However, on January 1, a new round of "Partner Race" begins. This promotion stays with you, get ready to restart! We will continue to follow the next round of the partner-favorite promo that runs from January 1 to March 31, 2023 with great interest. Each participant will get another chance to get the reward they are aiming for and climb even higher up the career ladder. With a new stage into the New Year is a good time for new participants to start! You can invite your team partners who are not yet in the game to join today in order to reinforce your position and the potential of your partner structure.

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The team of SOLARGROUP wishes you success and more reasons for Christmas and New Year's mood!