The debut was a success: results of the "Army-2022" forum for "Sovelmash"

26 August 2022

From August 15 to 21, one of the most high-profile military exhibitions in the world was held in the Moscow region: the VIII International Military and Technology Forum "Army-2022".

This was the first time "Sovelmash" participated in an event of this scale. And immediately made a big statement. The company summed up the forum results here.

1. Demonstration of developments

"Sovelmash" exhibited more than 20 of its own original developments. You can learn more about them by following this link.

2. Media attention

The "Sovelmash" developments impressed the media a lot. The priority media sponsors of the forum and other media outlets spoke in detail about the company, the D&E construction and the "Slavyanka" technology.

A story about "Sovelmash" in the video diary of the forum innovations.

The bottom-line film based on the video diaries. The resulting film includes 50 best companies that participated in the forum, including "Sovelmash". It will be shown to Russia's top military commanders.

Report about the forum on "Zvezda" TV channel (about "Sovelmash" - use the time code 03:46).

Interview of Alexander Sudarev to "Zvezda" TV channel.

Report on the parliamentary TV channel VMESTE-RF (about "Sovelmash" - use the time code 00:20).

Article about the top ten innovations of the forum on the website of Mil.Press news agency.

Publication about the most interesting vehicles of the forum in magazine. 

Article about the forum in the "41" newspaper (p.6).

3. Strong interest from the guests

Within the first days, the forum was visited by the official military delegations from 85 countries, as well as by experts representing field-oriented companies. Then the facilities of the "Patriot" Congress and Exhibition Complex were opened to the public. In total, the forum was attended by almost 2 million people. The greatest delight of all the visitors to the "Sovelmash" booths was the BTR-80 electric ATV, modernized by applying the "Slavyanka" technology. The experts praised the gearless elevator winch and other exhibits.

Important: not just developments, but specific innovative products and services offered by the company were demonstrated. Currently, "Sovelmash" is already at work with those potential customers who expressed their interest at the forum.


International partners at the "Sovelmash" construction site

26 August 2022

After the SOLARGROUP International Conference, the international partners of the project were given a tour of the site where the "Sovelmash" engineering center is currently under construction. The delegations were led by the national representatives of SOLARGROUP from Germany, Bulgaria, India, Nepal, Vietnam, a number of African and Latin American countries.

Deputy General Director for Public Relations at "Sovelmash" Alexander Sudarev told the guests about the construction progress and answered all the questions of the partners.

Also, within the framework of the visit the head of SOLARGROUP partner network Alisa Kuznetsova awarded the partners with the conference participant certificates. 

Watch the video for the event details.