2 years of "Sovelmash" D&E construction: interim results in numbers

15 December 2022

What has been done since the construction of the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department (D&E) began, i.e., since December 2020?

Most of the construction work has been accomplished.

• The foundation and metal frame of the building have been completed.
• The thermal envelope of the building has been closed since the roof, walls, windows, exterior doors and cargo door have all been completed.
• All the staircases, elevator shafts and interfloor ceilings have been finished.
• The first-level finish flooring is 90% complete.
• The installation of interior partitions is in progress. They are 90% complete.

Work has begun on the engineering utilities to connect the building to the heating pipeline, electricity and water supply, and provide sewerage.

Besides, "Sovelmash" has purchased and transported engineering and technological equipment to the D&E. Moving and installing equipment from the leased premises to the permanent work location is underway.

We have summed up the interim construction results in May 2022, they are available here.

If you compare them with the current state of the construction site, you can see the progress of the D&E construction over the past six months.

What activities are left for the builders to complete?

• Connecting the engineering utilities, installing heating equipment, connecting power transformers.
• Purchasing pumping units, elevators, power supply facilities, etc.
• Completing the finish flooring.
• Completing the installation of interior partitions.
• Executing vertical alignment, roads, parking lots, landscaping and other activities on the site.

Everything is being done to complete the construction as soon as possible. Now the construction site can deploy the entire amount of funding. Therefore, the construction rate depends on the rate of funds flowing in.

Do you want to find out about the Chinese delegation's visit to "Sovelmash"? Watch the interview with Victor Arestov.


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Pay in installments on schedule - get bonus investment shares

14 December 2022

Payment discipline is the main way to get the most shares when investing. An important condition for earning bonuses is to make all payments within the period specified in the rules and not to get one's installment plan cancelled.

What does payment discipline bring to the table?

From 10% to 50% bonus shares as part of the offer to support the "Sovelmash" engineering networks. As a reminder, if you purchase or upsize your investment package under this offer, you will get additional shares after full repayment of your installment plan. The number of bonuses is calculated based on the number of shares in the package.

5% bonus shares for timely installment payment. This is a permanent option available in the project for all investors. It can be combined with other offers. You can learn more about it by following this link..

The total number of shares in the purchased package. Only after the last installment payment is made will you be credited with more than half the number of shares in the package.

If you do not make a payment in time, the installment plan is cancelled, and all payment discipline bonuses go with it. The installment can be restored later, but you will lose the bonus shares forever. So check out your installment schedule in "Investments" - "My Investments" and adhere to it.

Remember: payment discipline is the responsibility of every investor, it is crucial to the successful implementation of our project!

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