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Duyunov's hub motor

The hub motor developed by Dmitriy Duyunov's team has become one of the project's hallmarks. This is the world's first induction hub motor.

The other existing hub motors in the world are BLDC motors, that is, they run on permanent magnets. Permanent magnets, in turn, contain rare-earth metals, which are extracted predominantly in China. Due to this, the price of BLDC-type hub motors is high, there is a dependence on China in this area. Despite this fact, the demand for such motors is growing along with the popularity of electric vehicles in the world.

 Duyunov's hub motor is an induction electric motor that has a number of advantages over BLDC motors. 
  • Its production cost is much lower, because instead of using expensive rare-earth metals, it relies on copper and electrical steel available in different countries. 
  • Having similar mass and size dimensions, combined winding hub motors outperform permanent magnet motors in power and reliability.
  • Induction hub motors are resistant to moisture and ferromagnetic dust, unlike BLDC motors, therefore there is no need to use additional elements that complicate the design (e.g., sealing).
  • Hub motors with "Slavyanka" are much more resistant to shock loads than fragile magnets, which is essential for use in transportation.
Duyunov's team demonstrated the feasibility of applying the technology for hub motors by developing and manufacturing size 186 and 318 motors. These hub motors have successfully passed laboratory tests and field trials in various operating modes, including extreme conditions.

 "Sovelmash" continues to work on creating an industrial hub motor version, which can be mass produced on automated production lines. At the same time, the results of the laboratory tests and field trials of hub motors are taken into account. 
A large number of companies have turned their attention to the hub motor with "Slavyanka". And this is just one of the many types of electric motors that Dmitriy Duyunov's team is capable of developing.