Funding results for the project "Duyunov's motors" in numbers

11 August 2022

At the SOLARGROUP International Conference, commercial director Pavel Shadskiy announced the information that all investors had been looking forward to. It is the project funding statistics based on its performance over the entire five years of existence.

We're sharing them with you.


Attracted investments in the project - $ 47,803,407.
Investment packages sold - 67,176 units.
Accrued to the investors - 23,544,203,135 shares.
The remaining investment to be raised is $ 12,196,593.


There are 367,125 participants registered in the back office.
46,975 people have invested in the project.
14,300 SOLARGROUP partners have earned profit from the partner program.

Top 10 countries by the number of investors:

India - 11,541 (in 2022 it surpassed all other countries by this indicator),
Russia - 9,516,
Vietnam - 6,418,
Indonesia - 2,231,
Côte d'Ivoire - 1,871,
Benin - 1,193,
Nepal - 1,096,
Peru - 859,
Bulgaria - 718,
Germany - 682.

Top 10 countries by the investment volume:

Russia - $ 22,727,343,
Vietnam - $ 8,166,357,
India - $ 7,602,467,
Indonesia - $ 3,012,756,
Germany - $ 1,968,709,
Côte d'Ivoire - $ 1,144,919,
Spain - $ 973,137,
Nepal - $ 934,425,
Belarus - $ 779,367,
Kazakhstan - $ 645,814.

SOLARGROUP's goal is to complete funding for the project in 2023. The numbers and the current activity of the investors and partners indicate that there are all the premises for this to be accomplished.


10 highlights of the SOLARGROUP International Conference

11 August 2022

The guests have left. The interviews are recorded. The photos are taken. And we are ready to share with you the facts and the atmosphere of the SOLARGROUP conference, that took place on August 6 in the congress center of "Technopolis "Moscow".

We begin the series of posts with the top ten most striking impressions of the event.

1. 350 guests from 16 countries. The event has become the most ambitious in the history of the project in terms of geographic coverage.

2. The results of the five-year project funding in numbers. The presentation made by the commercial director of SOLARGROUP Pavel Shadskiy sparked the greatest interest from the audience.

3. Speeches by the representatives of "Sovelmash". Alexander Sudarev, Alexander Semyonov and Yana Teplova reported on the construction progress, new developments, the testing laboratory and patents.

4. Exhibition of "Sovelmash" developments. The guests took a close look at the general-purpose and traction motors, the hub motor, the controller, the angle grinder and the mitre saw with an embedded drive, as well as other items.

5. Multilingual format. National and leading partners from Russia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Germany, Bulgaria, African and Latin American countries welcomed the conference participants from the stage. Barbara Sacca-Kina's hot African dance was a smash!

6. News about the global development of the "Slavyanka" technology. Victor Arestov reported on the production of power tools with drives by "Sovelmash" in China.

7. Free communication. Alexander Sudarev and Pavel Filippov answered all the questions from the audience, including the tricky ones.

8. Showroom of "Slavyanka" based vehicles. The guests were taking a lot of photos with the electric vehicles.

9. A visit to the "Sovelmash" construction site. The most awaited event of the night: the reality was beyond all expectations!

10. Day of handshakes. The event participants met old friends and made new acquaintances.

We will continue to share interesting details about the conference in our future posts.

And in the meantime, check the photo report of the event here. It will be further updated.

In the comments below this post, let us know what your biggest memory of the event is! Sharing impressions is just as much fun as getting them.