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Speakers at the final conference of the year on December 4
On December 4, the online conference will be held dedicated to the results of 2021…
16 novembra 2021
Increase your package until November 30: special offer for those who pay in installments
The construction of the "Sovelmash" engineering center is progressing intensively.
08 novembra 2021
"Slavyanka" — to the masses: speakers Victor Arestov and Andrey Lobov at the online conference on December 4
Practical application of the combined winding technology is always of great intere…
Increase your investment package: the last day of the offer
The offer actively supported by the project investors is nearing completion. Have…
How to invest with maximum profit: all offers for the project investors
If you want to invest with maximum profit, explore all the options right now!
On December 16, the project "Duyunov's motors" goes to a new funding stage - stage 17
Let's sum up the preliminary results of the stage and see what the project team ha…
"Duyunov's motors" online conference: results of the year in an international format
On December 4, at 17:00 Moscow time, the international online conference dedicated…
Il est déjà là :le "Black Friday" dans le projet des "Moteurs Duyunov"
Aujourd'hui commencent les soldes dans le projet des "Moteurs Duyunov" !
Teaching the basics of the "Slavyanka" technology in China: details from Victor Arestov
The introductory lectures at the educational institution were conducted by Victor…
Black Friday in the project "Duyunov's motors": investment packages at the stage 15 discount
We are launching a "hot" offer for the investors of the project "Duyunov's motors"…
Výsledky týždňa v projekte "Motory Duyunova"
Počas minulého týždňa sa začala dôležitá etapa na stavenisku, kde sa stavia PKTB "…
Installation of the "Sovelmash" D&E walls has begun | Day 165
Today, November 19, is an important day in the "Sovelmash" project.
A new electric car with Duyunov's motor is being prepared for European certification
Victor Arestov, the partner of "Sovelmash" and head of ASPP Weihai, has reported g…