SOLARGROUP opens a national representative office in Burkina Faso

SOLARGROUP opens a national representative office in Burkina Faso

The spring boom in Africa continues!

 On April 17, the national representative office of SOLARGROUP opens in Burkina Faso. To celebrate this event, an international conference will be held in Ouagadougou, the country's capital. 
 WHERE: Hôtel Palm Beach - Avenue Kwamé - N'Krumah – Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso. 
 WHEN: 9:00-17:30 local time.

 Only the registered participants will receive a promo code to their email that gives access to highly beneficial investment conditions. 
 The admission fee is $ 5.

 Personal participation in the conference is an opportunity for the residents of Burkina Faso to learn about the international project" Duyunov's motors" in their own language, to communicate with the top officials of SOLARGROUP, as well as to get access to beneficial investment conditions. The top managers of the company will address the event participants via a videoconference from Russia: 
  - head of advertising and public relations Pavel Filippov, 
  - head of partner network Pavel Shadskiy.

 The conference will be hosted by Gilles Weber, the national representative of SOLARGROUP in a number of countries (France, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Togo, Cameroon). He will also be appointed the company's national representative in Burkina Faso. Gilles Weber will talk about the benefits of investing in the project and the opportunities of partner business with SOLARGROUP. He will also hold a master class for the partners, where he will share his experience of a successful start in business.

 The guests will be addressed by the leading partners from Burkina Faso: Valentin Denakpo, Renate Denakpo, Edmond Jean-Charles Sawadogo. As well as Gilles Weber's assistant and the leading partner in Benin, Barbara Sacca-Kina.
 Those who attend the conference in person will be able to invest more profitably by taking advantage of the special offers, including:
- a 5% discount on the first payment amount when buying a new investment package, for more information, click here ;
- bonus investment shares when investing within three days after the conference —;
- additional bonuses for the residents of Burkina Faso.
 Attendance is limited due to the pandemic restrictive measures! No more than 50 people will be able to take part in the conference. Therefore, hurry up to register for the event and join the international innovative project in your country.