General information about the project Duyunov's motors

“Duyunov's motors” is a technology crowdfunding project developed by the Russian engineer Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov.

The project “Duyunov’s motors” is based on the combined winding technology “Slavyanka” applied to induction electric motors and allowing the company to develop the most efficient electric motors in the world. These motors are used in industry, agriculture, electric transport and more. Duyunov has become world famous thanks to creating the unique motor named “Duyunov’s hub motor” also based on the “Slavyanka” technology.

The theoretical background and research within the scope of the technology has been accumulated for 23 years of meticulous work and manifested itself in 18 patents, dozens of scientific works and independent research findings as well as in real prototypes of electric motors. The company has come this way investing only its own money into development.

In May 2017, the crowdfunding (crowdinvesting) of the project “Duyunov’s motors” was launched for the purpose of commercializing the technology and developments of Dmitriy Duyunov and his company.

Currently the project has over 100,000 participants from over 116 world countries and it has raised more than 300,000,000 roubles in investments for the first year of financing.

One of the main project goals is building a design and engineering department (D&E) and engineering center capable of implementing activities in the following areas:

• Development and design of new customized electric motors using the unique combined winding technology “Slavyanka”;
• Redesigning motors used by customers by applying the combined winding technology “Slavyanka”;
• Producing own motors in pilot batches (the future production can provide the output of 17,000 Duyunov’s hub motors per year);
• Setup of electric motor production at the customer premises (introducing the technology, making the tooling, choosing the equipment, training the employees, etc.).

The construction of the enterprise is planned on the territory of one of the special economic zones of the Russian Federation (SEZ) due to a range of reasons, such as: free infrastructure, convenient location and traffic interchange, tax relief for the residents.

At the current stage, the project application for obtaining the resident status in SEZ “Technolopis Moscow” at “Alabushevo” site located not far from Moscow is being processed (

The construction application has been accepted and approved by all audit authorities. The company is expecting the meeting of SEZ authorities.

For achieving the goal, the company is attracting investment by means of crowdfunding (crowdinvesting).

Crowdinvesting is an alternative financial instrument for raising funds for startups and small, medium-sized and large enterprises from a wide range of small and medium investors.

The main goal of crowdinvesting in the project is attracting investment for implementing the project in the amount of $40,000,000 in the course of 3 years divided in 20 investment stages. Every investment stage focuses on accomplishing a number of strategic tasks that reduce the risks for the investors and bring the project closer to the end of financing.

The raised funds are spent on developing the technology, purchasing the required equipment, repairing and equipping the production areas and research laboratory, creating tangible and intangible company assets, building the design engineering department and marketing costs.

The investments attracted in the project are disbursed stagewise in accordance with the project implementation plan.

Every project participant is offered to invest in the project for supporting the company and getting profit from their investment in the future.

Any individual from any world country can take part in the project. In order to do that, you need to register in the back office, replenish your account and purchase the company investment package. By purchasing the investment shares, every investor becomes the company co-owner.

After the project implementation, these investment shares will be exchanged to securities (registered shares) of the future enterprise under the investment agreement signed by the investor and in accordance with the legislation.

Upon the project implementation and the company’s making profit, the shares provide the investors with the opportunity to get profit in dividends. The investor will also have the opportunity to sell their shares on the stock market after the company’s IPO.