The first development of "SovElMash" - size 90 general purpose industrial motor

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For the last few months a new general purpose industrial electric motor has been developed in the laboratory of OOO "SovElMash".
It's unique because it's the first in the world electric motor that provides the performance features compliant with the high energy efficiency class IE3 while made in the frame of IE1 size 90 motor with the corresponding basic dimensions.

Why is it important?
Energy efficient motors have bigger dimensions than less effective similar motors that's why more copper and other metals is used for producing them. As a result the price of such a motor is finally higher.
Assembling the energy efficient class IE3 motor in the frame of IE1 motor graphically demonstrates the advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology in action, with a lower level of energy consumption alongside higher power and compact dimensions of size 90 motor.
The activity of the innovative centre has begun: this motor is the first development of Dmitriy Duyunov's team in "SovElMash". So far using the capacities of the leased premises in Zelenograd.
Due to the fact that the overall performance features of the new electric motor offer unique characteristics for the market, it's planned to produce a batch of these motors for sale.

Currently the company is carrying out the preparatory activities for launching the production. The anticipated demand for the product will provide 100% load of the production area capacities located at the leased premises.