Victor Arestov got a grant from the Chinese authorities

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In 2018 within the framework of the project Taishan Industrial Leading Talents (the so-called Taishan Competition), 11 companies were chosen out of 200 with Victor Arestov and his company AS&PP Weihai being among these companies.
Getting Taishan recognition is the highest technology appraisal in China. The projects that get it have a lot of opportunities and vigorous support of not only Shandong province but also the Chinese authorities.
Taishan Industrial Leading Talents supports talented and promising entrepreneurs in three different categories - industrial innovations, technology entrepreneurship and industrial mastership.
Victor Arestov was given the grant in the amount of 800,000 yuan for the second place in the Province in Taishan innovation competition.
"Now we can install good batteries to get the most out of the motors", Victor says.

In the end of January 2019 the Weihai authorities represented by a lot of officials visited the most significant companies of the city and Victor's company was one of them. According to Victor, Weihai authorities are planning to visit Moscow and "SovElMash" soon.

We congratulate Victor with these outstanding achievements and are waiting for further news!

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