Questions&Answers.Does "SovElMash" have any plans to develop its representative offices abroad?

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Every project investor is interested in the prospects of implementing the "Slavyanka" technology outside Russia. Duyunov's team have prepared well to make sure "SovElMash" can confidently enter the world market. 
According to Dmitriy Duyunov, the company's representatives are licensees who work in almost all former Soviet republics as well as in far-abroad countries. The most successful example of such cooperation is ASPP Weihai in China. Headed by Victor Arestov, it modernizes motors using the "Slavyanka" technology and installs them on vehicles implementing a number of projects not only in Asia, but also in Europe. 
"SovElMash" is unique because it had actually created a dealer network even before the product was launched on the market. This will help to minimize risks when implementing the future orders. 
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