Duyunov vs Musk, or how Tesla "invents" new technologies

Duyunov vs Musk, or how Tesla

"Tesla Model Y got a heat pump to save energy for heating" - such information, published in a number of online sources about innovative technologies, couldn't be left unnoticed and sparked wide audience interest. 
 The articles describe the benefits and operation of the heat pump:

" Tesla Model Y the heat pump is located next to the electric motor, which is able to generate heat during operation. It can be used to heat the passenger compartment as well as to keep the traction batteries at optimum temperature during the cold season. Without a heat pump, you would have to use the traction batteries to heat the cells, but if you have a heat pump, you can save a little bit of charge."

This solution is portrayed to the audience as innovative, but is it really so?

The fact is that the patent application for this technical solution was submitted back in 2013 by some Russian engineers, including D.A. Duyunov. You can find the patent No. 2569214 for the method of cooling electric drives of vehicles in the official source - the register of useful models by entering the number of the required patent in the upper right corner of the website:

Excerpts from "Patent No. 2569214 for a method of cooling electric drives of vehicles":

"Thermal sensors and control devices are used to cool an electric drive of vehicles to help lower and stabilize the operating temperatures of drive components... It ensures reduction in specific energy consumption of the vehicle, the possibility of heating the passenger compartment or the driver cabin in the cold season due to the heat emitted by the drive."

As the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov says, "A fact is the most stubborn thing in the world," and it's hard to argue with that. These are the facts, and you do the maths!
Check, analyze the information and know your heroes for who they are!

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