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Vehicles with "Slavyanka" at the festival in China

The German-Chinese eco-friendly city festival was held in Weihai province. The exhibition features vehicles with Duyunov's motor. It's a K-Cross motorcycle from ASPP Weihai with a DA-90S motor modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology.
The head of the company and partner of "SovElMash" Victor Arestov was a reputable speaker of the festival. He had been appointed as the chief engineer of the German-Chinese eco-friendly city under the agreement with the Weihai government.
The Chinese press has dubbed Arestov the "investment ambassador".
The main goal of the project is to introduce environmental technologies and turn Weihai into a representative innovative city.
The "Slavyanka" technology and Victor Arestov's activities that are actively supported by the Chinese government play an important role in this project.
The Russian engineer's cooperation with China began in 2018, in the framework of the Weihai province innovative center. During this time, Arestov's company has released several modifications of the combined winding motor for different types of transport. According to the engineer, his main goal is to launch the "Slavyanka" technology on the Asian and European markets, and he has made significant progress in this. In 2019, we shared a lot of information about ASPP Weihai projects in Thailand, South Korea, India and China. For example, the energy-efficient and eco-friendly tuk-tuks with Duyunov's motors are developed in cooperation with the world's largest solar battery manufacturer Hanergy Glory.
Thus, the "Slavyanka" technology is getting recognized on a global level, which is important for a successful launch of the "SovElMash" innovative center.