How the versatile professional experience of the "SovElMash" specialists helps to fight the coronavirus

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There is an important feature in the activity of "SovElMash". A lot of the company employees have experience in solving various tasks. 
 An electric motor is a complex device, and the process of creating it involves developing its constituent parts. When designing a motor for the needs of a particular customer, it is necessary to develop new non-standard parts. This process is complex, multi-stage, and includes, among other things: 
 - elaborating the terms of reference, 
 - computer simulation, 
 - analysis of minute changes in characteristics in the course of laboratory tests,
 - adjustments after tests.
 In order to do all of this, a specialist must have experience in completely different fields: electronics, physics and mechanics, computer simulation. Professional skills are shaped for years. This is how it happens in "SovElMash".
 Some of the company's employees took part in the development which has been taken to the next stage now — in the coronavirus situation. Thus, while developing the multipurpose plasma complex "Gorynych", Duyunov's team discovered that directed plasma passing through water endows the latter with disinfecting properties. This feature of the device can be applied at home by using disinfecting water in humidifiers or spraying surfaces. 
 Some members of Duyunov's team participated in the creation of the electronic component for the device named "Dezar" designed for disinfecting premises. The device is unique because, unlike traditional UV lamps, it is safe for humans. People do not need to leave the premises during air disinfection.
 Due to the coronavirus, "Dezar" has become widespread: it is installed in most medical institutions in Russia, at enterprises, in offices, and even in the room where the President and the Cabinet of Ministers are hold their meetings. This device is also used in all "SovElMash" premises which makes it possible to complete the tasks that can not be performed remotely.
 Thus, it is obvious that the extensive professional experience of the "SovElMash" specialists helps to solve the global problems of humanity. The same can be said about the energy-efficient Duyunov's motors whose mass application can reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, make air and water cleaner, and improve people's health.