Why are you in the project

Why are you in the project "Duyunov's motors": survey results

A week ago, we conducted a survey among our subscribers on the topic "Why are you in the project?" 
 Today we are summing up the results.
 The survey included people not only from Russia, but also from other countries — almost 600 participants in total.
 Most of you (62%) said that the main reason for your participation in the project is taking care of your future passive income.
 A considerable part of the investors (20%) prioritize supporting the Russian technology "Slavyanka".
 More than 8% of the survey participants joined the project because they are concerned about the environment. Notably, this reason takes the second place among the foreign investors.
 About 5% are not yet the project investors, but are monitoring its development.
 The remaining 5% chose the answer "Other", and also indicated the partner program income as their main motivation. 
 In the comments, a lot of the survey participants specified that they joined the project because they trust Dmitriy Duyunov and want to support his brainchild. And here are just a few of them. 
 "My major is electric machines. I want to support my fellow colleagues — electric motor developers Dmitriy Alexandrovich and his team. Only in Russian science can you find such people who selflessly believe in the victory of science over obscurantism."
 "I wanted to build my own electric bike. And I found Love. So for me, "SovElMash" is Love".
 Thank you for sharing your motivation with us and with each other!