SOLARGROUP partner program is a source of unlimited passive income!

SOLARGROUP partner program is a source of unlimited passive income!

The spread of the coronavirus has forced billions of people to stay at home. Not everyone has the opportunity to work remotely, some had to suspend their professional activities during the quarantine time.

In this situation, we have decided to remind you of the advantages the SOLARGROUP partner program offers. It allows its participants to earn unlimited money by promoting the project "Duyunov's motors" and thereby accelerating its development.

The partner program conditions are simple: the more people learn about the project from you and take part in it, the bigger referral remuneration you will get. The amount of the incentive directly depends on your partner status and automatically changes with its growth. You can use the money earned on the partner program for your own investment in the project or withdraw it to your bank card.

The detailed conditions of the SOLARGROUP partner program can be found in the "Partners" section of the back office.

Within the framework of the project "Duyunov's motors", the partner program has long been transformed into a highly effective marketing tool, thanks to which the project is dynamically developing on 6 continents. The daily efforts of our partners helped the SOLARGROUP team approach the completion of stage 12 in the project development with excellent positive dynamics. Due to this, the importance of the partner program today is not limited to the opportunity to earn money.

Already over 2,500 partners from 116 countries are providing information support to the project and earning money with us from any place in the world.

The company SOLARGROUP provides its partners with all the necessary tools and materials for work, lends technical support, and gives free training.

To become a partner, register in the back office, read the agreement in the "For Partners" section and sign it. Online sales beginners will benefit from a free training course by the famous coach Alexander Bekk developed specially for SOLARGROUP. Access to the course is opened immediately after registration in the back office at:

Don't waste your time! Use this turbulent time to improve your financial situation and to contribute to the development of the project! #stayathome