How has the project "Duyunov's motors" advanced at investment stage 12?

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Today, March 31 is the last day of stage 12.
On April 1, the new project development stage 13 begins.

Alexander Sudarev sums up the results and recalls the key events of the last three months. Watch the video digest!

1. The first batch of motors
It's been less than three years since the project start, and the first motors with "Slavyanka" developed and produced by "SovElMash" have been produced, as promised by Dmitriy Duyunov. On March 23, size-100 drive motors with the IP65 class of protection were shipped to a large Russian industrial enterprise. This is a historic event not only for the project: it is the world's first combined winding motors, not modernized, but developed from scratch. This means that no rival can compare with their performance features and energy efficiency.
Soon the motors will be available for order on the website of the company "SovElMash".

2. State expert review
Stage 12 started shortly before 2020. And on the same day, the architectural and construction project of the "SovElMash" innovation center was submitted for the state expert review. The state expert review is a slow process, it takes up to several months. The experts thoroughly check all the project details, give recommendations, the team of "SovElmash" eliminate the flaws. After complete and successful examination, the construction of the engineering center will begin.

3. National representative offices
At stage 12, the national representative offices were opened in Croatia and Senegal.
The project is growing in popularity and increasing the number of investors around the world.
The numbers are the following:
9 countries - already have representative offices of the project
2200 investors - joined the project at stage 12
10% - increase in the number of investors since the beginning of 2020
25,000 investors - in the project in total.

4. The first foreign office
The company SOLARGROUP has opened its first foreign office in Vietnam, the third country in the world in terms of the number of investors in the project "Duyunov's motors".
Duyunov's motors DA-90S and DA-100S modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology and mass-produced at the ASPP Weihai enterprise in China are presented in operation at the demonstration stand.
The office visitors will be able to get advice on the project and activities of SOLARGROUP, view the documents, results of the technology testing, patents of "ASiPP" and "SovElMash".

5. Coronavirus
The coronavirus pandemic has halted the pace of the project's geography expansion. All offline events of the project "Duyunov's motors" planned in Latin America, Europe and Asia were postponed indefinitely. The opening of the national representative office in Indonesia, which we hadn't even had time to announce, also had to be postponed.
Webinars about the project are an alternative to live events. They continue to be held regularly in different languages.

6. New design of the back office
The back office has changed. Apart from updating the design, the navigation has improved and some new options have appeared: double payment and early repayment of installments. Each investor can use these opportunities to increase their profit and help the project complete its funding on time.

7. New format of the "Expert time" program
Starting with the new year, the program "Expert time" is streamed from a new studio in "SovElMash". The studio is now professionally equipped, so the quality of sound and video has improved significantly. The new premises are planned to be used not only for online streaming, but also for recording promo videos about the motors.
Let us remind you that the program "Expert time" is aired every Thursday in Russian. If you want to learn the latest news of the project, ask a question you are concerned about to Dmitriy Duyunov and get the answer - participate in the live streaming.

During the periods of economic crisis, experts recommend not to deposit money into banks where it can get devalued, but to invest in promising projects. A lot of investors are aware of this, so the flow of investment in "Duyunov's motors" is not reducing in the light of the economic crisis, but, on the contrary, is increasing.

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- From April 1, the discount for the shares will be reduced.
- From April 1, the project will no longer fix the dollar exchange rate. Now the dollar exchange rate is 73 rubles. Starting tomorrow, it will be determined by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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Thank you for staying with us in the project "Duyunov's motors" and helping us develop!
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