Contacting project customer support

Online-chat pop-up window of the customer support doesn't appear?

To contact the customer support use the online-chat pop-up window in the personal account. Due to the installed on some devices ad blockers, customer support chat can also get blocked and not appear. 

If the customer support chat doesn't appear and it's impossible to uninstall ad blocking software, you can contact customer support via E-mail -

Please be aware that processing E-mail customer support requests takes longer that chat requests. 

Technical questions

How do I register in Duyunov's project personal account?

In order to register in the personal account and become a fully valid participant of Duyunov's project it's necessary to fill in the registration form at When registering you see the name and surname of the person who has invited you in the project. You can also enter your inviter partner code in the "Inviter code" field on your own.

In this case if you learnt about the project yourself and have no inviter - enter AAA001 (in Latin letters) in "Inviter code" field.

How do I recover/change password in the personal account?

Follow to go to the personal account and choose "Forgot password?". Then in "Send E-mail request" field enter your e-mail that you used for project registration and choose "Send".

Next you will get a letter on your e-mail with password recovery instructions.

How do I write to customer support?

In order to refer your question to the customer support click the blue pop-up window in the right bottom screen corner on the official site or in the personal account



How do I replenish personal account balance?

In order to replenish the balance go to "Banking/Replenish the account" in the personal account. In this section you can see the available transfer details. Then carefully follow the instructions given in this section.

After your payment gets processed you will see your balance in the right upper corner in the personal account in "Main account" entry. ТYou will also see a new account replenishment transaction in "Banking", section "Account activity". subsection.

What do I do if there has been 24 hours since the transfer, but the balance is not replenished yet?

First, make sure that you correctly followed the instructions given in the personal account "Banking" section, "Replenish the account" subsection.

If you correctly followed the instructions and the money hasn't been transferred after 24 hours - contact the customer support with the request to find the payment.

Attention! Interbank transfers and "corporate bank account" transfers do not arrive immediately and can take up to 7 days to appear in the personal account!

What details are available for replenishing the personal account?

All valid details can be found in the personal account in "Banking" section, "Replenish the account" subsection.

NB: if you have no opportunity to transfer money using the given details, write to the customer support, in some cases you can be given other details.

What is the minimum project investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is $50 - it's a monthly instalment payment of a 10-month instalment plan for a $500 share package.

Where can I see available for purchase share packages?

Available share packages can be seen in the personal account "Invest" section.

How do I purchase company shares?

In order to purchase company shares you need to replenish personal account balance.

You can find valid transfer details and the instruction in "Banking" section, "Replenish the account" subsection. (If you have no opportunity to transfer money using the given details, write to the customer support, in some cases you can be given other details). After the transfer and completing the actions described in the instruction in "Banking"/"Replenish the account" you should go to "Invest" section where you can choose a package and instalment plan of interest.

You can learn about how to purchase and pay for the chosen package in "Invest" section by watching a video guide in "Help" section, "Video guide" subsection, video guide "How do I purchase the share package in the personal account?". There you can also find the link for downloading the text version of this guide.

How do I replenish the investor main account in the back office using Bitcoin?

In order to replenish the investor main account in the back office using Bitcoin, use the detailed guide

The video tutorial is available here -

How do I replenish the investor main account in the back office using TETHER USDT (ERC20)?

In order to replenish the investor main account in the back office using Bitcoin, TETHER USDT (ERC20), use the detailed guide

The video tutorial is available here -

What is instalment plan?

You can purchase any share package by instalment. Instalment is a monthly payment that you make for the chosen package until the whole price of the chosen package is paid while keeping the discount of the first payment.

For example, you want to purchase a $2,000 share package, but can't pay $2,000 as a single payment. In this case you can activate an instalment plan for this package, e.g. "$100 per month during 20 months". In this case you can pay $100 per month and finally after 20 months pay the whole sum of $2,000.

What if I delay my instalment payment?

The project envisages a system of fines and penalties for gross groundless payment delay.

How do I correctly make an instalment payment for the chosen share package?

If you have executed an instalment plan for the chosen share stock making the first monthly payment (or payments for several months), you should remember that the next payment is to be made not later than the same date of the next calendar month when the first payment was made. 

For instance, if you have executed an instalment plan making the first payment on July, 17, the second payment is to be made not later than August, 17, the third - not later than September, 17, and so on.

In order to execute an instalment plan, you should replenish your personal account balance and go to "Invest" personal account section, choose a share package and an instalment plan that suits you by pressing "Execute".

Then, after taking a closer look at the detailed package description you should confirm "Instalment agreement" after reading it and click "Execute a package".

What happens if I can't fully pay my instalment?

If you don't fully pay your instalment, you will still get company shares equivalent to the sum that you have already transferred to purchase the shares.

NB: The discount in this case will be much lower than the discount you have considered when choosing an investment package!

What should I do if I am temporarily unable to make instalment payments?

After the pay day you always have extra 19 days to make the payment.

What is discount?

Discount is a venture bonus connected with risk reduction, project reliability enhancement in the course of its development, increase in the number of investors. The lower the risks are, the lower the venture bonus is.

In other words, a discount is the difference in the price at which a share is currently sold and its nominal cost. I.e. you can buy more shares now with the same amount of money than in six months or a year of the project development.

What is investment stage?

Investment stage is a several-month period of time during which a certain discount is active for purchasing the shares. With every new investment stage the company shares are sold at a higher price, i.e. at financing stage 2 you can buy shares at a lower price than, for example, at stage 3. The overall number of stages is 20.

Since the planned period of time for raising the required investment is 3 years, these 3 years have been divided into 20 stages.

Where can I see how many shares I have been credited?

The number of credited shares is shown in the right upper corner of your personal account in "Shares". The history of credited shares can be found in personal account "Banking" section, "Credited shares" subsection.

General questions

What is a webinar?

Webinar is online broadcasting (seminar) via Internet. At the webinars we tell you about the project, discuss the latest news and answer the questions of the participants in real-time mode.

In order to take part in a webinar simply go to "the webinar room", the link is published in the personal account "Webinars" section as well as in the project social media. Besides, 1.5 hours prior to the beginning of the webinar the webinar link is sent to the e-mail you have given when registering in the project.

Being a webinar participant is free.

Where can I see webinar schedule?

The webinar schedule can be found in the personal account "Webinar" section. At the moment the webinars are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 Moscow time.

Webinar videos are posted in the news, social media and official project YouTube channel.

Where can I find the schedule of live offline events?

We regulary hold live offline events for the investors and partners. We will further inform you about the new events. Follow the news.

I have found an error in the personal account operation. What should I do?

Thank you for helping us make the personal account better! If you have found an error in the personal account operation, click your name in the upper right corner of the personal account and then in the pop-up menu choose "Report an error" and write a report in the section that appears there.

I have initiative, how can I help the project?

Tell us about your potential initiative and help to the project by following the link and filling the form: