"You can go full throttle out of any turns": professional pilots about electric karts with Duyunov's motors

3 August 2022

New tests of electric karts with "Slavyanka" based motors have been held at the karting track in the Moscow region. 

The vehicles were modernized by Andrey Lobov's team. The karts were equipped with 3 kW DA-90SM and 5 kW DA-95S combined winding electric motors.

Professional racers participated in the trials. They appeared to be content with the vehicles and shared their impressions. They especially liked the weight distribution of electric karts, which allows them to take turns faster and safer than in gasoline-powered cars. 

"The karts are good, the motors are pulling well... The weight gain is about 20 kilograms. And that means you can brake later, speed up earlier when exiting turns, and maintain a higher speed through the turns themselves."

"It runs well, the speed is good enough. Braking, accelerating - everything is very good. There are no problems or delays when exiting sharp curves. You hit the gas and it goes right away." 

The pilots also appreciated that electric vehicles perform much better in the rain than gasoline-powered ones.

Andrey Lobov noted the motor efficiency, which reduces battery consumption twice and increases travel range: "An electric vehicle with a DA-90SM motor covers 6-7 runs of 10 minutes each. A similar vehicle with BLDC motors and a 50 ampere battery does not allow for more than 30 minutes of travel by any means."

Learn more about the results of the test runs from the video.

Andrey Lobov will speak at the SOLARGROUP conference in Moscow on August 6. Each conference participant will be able to talk to him personally and see a variety of "Slavyanka" based vehicles, including electric karts.


Investment packages of new denominations in the back office

3 August 2022

Investing in the project "Duyunov's motors" has become even more convenient. We've introduced investment packages in new denominations so that you have more options to choose the one you feel comfortable paying.

New denomination packages in 10, 20 and 30-month installments:
$ 35,000,
$ 75,000,
$ 400,000,
$ 500,000.

Packages of previously available denominations, but with a new 30-month installment plan:
$ 200,000,
$ 250,000,
$ 300,000.

Packages that had not been available in the initial project funding stages and were introduced later have now been added to the price lists of all the stages. These are $ 3,000, $ 7,500, and $ 12,500 packages.

Due to introducing the new investment packages, the discounts of some existing packages have changed. This will not affect the purchases that have already been made at the old discounts. 

New packages and current discounts are already available in the back office, the "Investments" section. Choose the ones that suit you and invest now, while the project features the most beneficial offer in its history. The offer conditions can be found here.