"Electric motors that rely on the "Slavyanka" technology will be in demand here," Andrey Lobov about a tuk-tuk for India

18 January 2023

We introduced the Indians to the "Slavyanka" based vehicles as part of a conference that SOLARGROUP held in India. We were helped in this by Andrey Lobov, head of the "Resurs" production cooperative, who personally attended the conference.

Specially for the event, the national partner of SOLARGROUP in India Gulshan Kumar Birdi purchased an ARD King electric tricycle manufactured by Eco-Motors and equipped with a combined winding motor. Andrey Lobov helped to set up the electrics.

The tuk-tuk was tested in Gurugram and then sent to the national partner's office for further demonstration. The company plans to modernize several more tuk-tuks for India.

"There are many enterprises in India that produce various tricycles. Therefore, "Slavyanka" based electric motors and kits with them will be in demand here. "Sovelmash" can supply this technology to the whole world, and it will be a big step forward," Andrey Lobov said sharing his opinion.

Find out more details in the video.

We will continue to introduce you to other "Slavyanka" based vehicles for India. Follow our news!



"Sovelmash" D&E construction site news

17 January 2023

At the construction site of the future D&E, activities aimed at forming a sewerage system are still in progress, and so is the earthwork associated with it.

Interior partitions are being installed in the building. Welding of the I-beam for crane tracks is being performed. Fireproofing of the metal structures is underway.

Acceptance of the engineering equipment in the suppliers' custody continues unabated.

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