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Investor reviews of the project "Duyunov's motors"

By the autumn of 2021, more than 320,000 participants from different world countries have been registered in the back office of the project "Duyunov's motors". We receive feedback from the investors from all over the world on a regular basis.
They emphasize the environmental value of "Slavyanka" for the planet and for their regions. Many people want to support the team of inventors they trust.
The investors are also attracted by the additional income opportunities that the project provides. The owners of the investment shares will receive profits from the activities of the "Sovelmash" D&E in dividends or will be able to earn profit from selling the company's shares.

Moreover, the investors appreciate the fact that you can buy shares with virtually any income, because the minimum investment amount is not high (starting from $ 50) and affordable to many people.

Watch the reviews of the investors from Russia, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Nigeria, Peru and other countries in the video. Leave your review of the project on any of our official channels.