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Who is Dmitriy Duyunov?

The revolution in the field of induction electric motors was made by the Soviet development engineer Dmitriy A. Duyunov. About 30 years ago, he began working on the combined winding technology, which later became known as "Slavyanka". In 1995, the technology was first successfully applied in practice for the motors of the north-eastern pumping station in Stakhanov, which are still in operation today. The "Slavyanka" technology is patented, thanks to it Dmitriy Duyunov and his team successfully develop, design and produce new generation induction electric motors that outperform all modern analogues.

Duyunov did not work on enhancing the technology alone, but with a team of engineers and developers. In 2001, the "ASiPP" company was established: a research and production enterprise of a technical and innovative type, which is engaged in energy-saving technologies, developments in the field of plasma technologies, welding technologies, power supplies and lighting equipment. One of the company's founders is Dmitriy Duyunov. Over the years, the development engineer and his team have:
  • accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience;
  • developed a number of motors;
  • created a database of licensed winders who have modernized more than 100,000 units of motors worldwide.  
The result of this work was the creation of the "Sovelmash" company within the framework of the crowdinvesting project "Duyunov's motors". The company has set as its goal to commercialize the "Slavyanka" technology. For this purpose, the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department is currently being built, which will make it possible to reach the maximum capacity and start developing specific customized motor types.