SOLARGROUP knowledge base

How to become a SOLARGROUP partner

To become a partner of SOLARGROUP, it is enough to log in to the back office, the "Documents" section, view and sign the partnership agreement. Immediately after that, you can get to work.
All the tools necessary for partner business, as well as the marketing plan and training materials provided by SOLARGROUP can be found in the "For Partners" section of the back office. 
The most effective first steps of a partner:
  • study the project and marketing plan;
  • use the "Gift to a Friend" option, inviting up to 50 people per month to the project and receiving bonus investment shares at the same time;
  • share the project news and information about it using your referral links, which can also be found in the "For Partners" section. 
A partner receives the referral remuneration based on the results of their performance credited to the partner account in the back office.