Broadcast webinars in your social media: a new feature in the back office

Broadcast webinars in your social media: a new feature in the back office

Do you want to tell more people about the project "Duyunov's motors"?
 Now you can share the online broadcast of any webinar with your subscribers in your Facebook, YouTube and VKontakte accounts in a few clicks. This is a great tool to promote the project!
 How to enable and configure rebroadcast 
 Log in to the back office. In the "Events" - "Webinars" - "Upcoming" section, a list of all the current and future webinars will open, including the "Expert Time" broadcasts. There is the "Schedule a Rebroadcast" button under each upcoming event. To share the current webinar, click the "Broadcast to Your Page" button. This is enough for broadcasting in Facebook and YouTube accounts.
 To restream in VKontakte, enter the server URL and the broadcast key. The manual on how to enable the webinar broadcast in VKontakte is available next to the announcement for each event.
 Broadcast webinars on multiple accounts at once to increase audience reach. 
 What the new feature is useful for
 Restreaming will be conducted on your behalf, so your subscribers will receive notifications about the live broadcast start.
 You share the broadcast using your referral link placed in the webinar description text. Anyone who, after watching the webinar, becomes interested in the project, follows the link to the back office and registers in it, will become a first level member of your partner structure.
 Restreaming webinars is a new tool for SOLARGROUP partners, thanks to which the number of webinar views will increase significantly, and more people will learn about the project.
 Use it to promote the project "Duyunov's motors" today and tell other investors and partners about this opportunity!