What's new at the construction site | Comments by Alexander Sudarev

Youtube video

At the construction site where the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department (D&E) is being built, the roofing work is in full swing — special fasteners are installed on the previously laid and mounted metal profiles, the insulation is laid and covered with finishing roof elements. The roof is being mounted not only at the testing and production site, but also in the office and amenity building (O&A). 
 The installation of removable formwork for casting concrete staircases is in progress, and the installation of formwork for further casting of the stairs themselves has begun. 
 At the 3rd floor level, the preparations are nearing completion for casting the two interfloor slab charts. The metal reinforced mesh and reinforced frame that are connected to each other have been laid on the previously assembled part of the permanent formwork made of metal profiles. The necessary formwork has been installed, waterproofing has been done.
 Concrete construction to install the formwork and casting the elevator shafts of the testing and production site are in progress. Work with the wells is nearing completion, the sand backfilling with layer-by-layer compaction is underway, and many other activities are in progress.
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