National representative office of SOLARGROUP opens in Peru

Youtube video

A new continent and region on the project map! The first national representative office of SOLARGROUP in Latin America has opened in Peru.

On October 2, the offline conference dedicated to this event was held in Lima.

The interest to the event was very high. Over 300 people had registered for it, but due to the restrictions on the number of participants, only 114 guests were able to attend. For those who couldn't make it to the conference, there will be another meeting in Peru with a national representative of SOLARGROUP: stay tuned for details.

Over 1,000 people watched the online broadcast of the event within three days.

The recording is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5gDzLZza_4

You can find the photo report about the event here https://vk.com/album-108587771_281582239

The event was attended by investors, partners, and newcomers not yet familiar with the project from Peru and Ecuador. The conference can rightly be called international, as the speeches were delivered in Spanish, Italian and Russian.

The conference guests received the most relevant and comprehensive first-hand information about the project "Duyunov's motors" and SOLARGROUP. The event was personally attended by several top managers and national partners of the company who had arrived from the other part of the world, which has not happened for a very long time due to the pandemic.

  • Pavel Filippov, head of advertising and public relations, made a presentation of the project, told about the "Slavyanka" technology, the construction of the "Sovelmash" D&E and the benefits of investing in the project. In addition, he answered numerous questions from the participants. Most of all, they were interested in the timing of completing the project funding and the opportunities of using electric vehicles with Duyunov's motors in the region.
    The commercial director Pavel Shadskiy presented SOLARGROUP, spoke about the opportunities of partner business and officially appointed the company's national representative in Peru.
  • Massimiliano Vivian Rossini is the national partner of SOLARGROUP, largely thanks to his work Peru is the leader by the number of participants and the volume of investments in the project among the countries of Latin America. He thanked the partners from his country for their active work and spoke about the goals and opportunities for the development of the project in Peru.
  • Birdi Gulshan Kumar is the national partner in India, Italy and Nepal, well known to the partners from Latin America. He wished success to his Latin American colleagues.

The conference guests also saw the DA-90S electric motor with the combined winding "Slavyanka" presented at the demonstration stand. And after the event, they had the opportunity to personally communicate with the top officials of SOLARGROUP in an informal setting.

The opening of a national representative office in Peru was the impetus that will accelerate the development of the project in Latin America. In turn, SOLARGROUP and its leading partners will continue to work in this direction, holding weekly webinars and consulting project participants personally. In addition, special offers are now available for investors from Peru, which will increase the inflow of investments into the project from this region.