The Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow told about the company "Sovelmash"

Youtube video

The video about "Sovelmash" as a resident of the "Technopolis "Moscow" special economic zone was posted on the official YouTube channel of the Moscow department. Link to the original source — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj7Pfvl75QI .
 The video tells about the activities of the innovative enterprise, as well as about the advantages of building the design and engineering technology department on the SEZ territory. 
 The film crew of the department visited the construction site and the leased premises of "Sovelmash" at the Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing in Zelenograd, talked with the employees and the general director of the enterprise. The shooting took place at the beginning of the summer in 2021, at the stage of forming the D&E foundation, and the video report was published on the agency's channel on September 30. By comparing it with our latest videos from the construction site, you can see the progress of the D&E construction over time. 
 To recap, the D&E is being built on the territory of the SEZ "Alabushevo", land plot No. 16 sized 2.1 hectares. The residents of "Technopolis "Moscow" are scientific and technical enterprises that manufacture innovative products significant for the economy of Russia. As residents, they receive tax benefits and enjoy other special conditions for carrying out their activities. The SEZ project is implemented under the supervision of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow. 
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