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News from the "Sovelmash" construction site: installation of the D&E metal frame has been completed
A significant construction stage has been completed
23 září 2021
Výsledky týdne v projektu Motory Dujunova
V minulém týdnu proběhla na staveništi významná událost.
All offers for investors in one place: new section "Promo offers for investors" in the back office
 В личном кабинете появился новый раздел, где собраны все действующие акции.&…
Construction site news: the last column for the "Sovelmash" innovative center has been installed | Day 99
A significant event at the construction site where the "Sovelmash" innovative cent…
"Sovelmash" D&E construction panorama appeared on "Yandex. Maps"
Now everyone can view the site where the "Sovelmash" D&E is being built online in…
Výsledky týdne v projektu Motory Dujunova
Na staveništi probíhají dle plánu veškeré práce na výstavbě PKTK Sovelmaš.
Equipment for the automated production line has been delivered to "Sovelmash" ⠀
We are happy to inform all the project participants of the good news!
"Sovelmash" construction site | Day 95
Work at the construction site is proceeding as planned.
First in South America: SOLARGROUP opens a national representative office in Peru
The expansion of the project's geography continues around the world.
Equipment to create the automated production line for motors with "Slavyanka" has been delivered to Moscow
In the near future, the long-awaited equipment will be delivered to "Sovelmash"
How the angle grinders are tested
In the new video, the head of the information and analytics department Alexander S…