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Become a VIP project investor and get a first-hand opportunity to visit the "Sovelmash" construction site in person
Invest more than $ 50,000 in the project and personally visit the "Sovelmash" cons…
Broadcast webinars in your social media: a new feature in the back office
Хотите рассказать о проекте «Двигатели Дуюнова» большему числу людей?
"Sovelmash" work routine | Latest news from the construction site and leased premises
In the new video, Alexander Sudarev tells about the work routine at "Sovelmash".
Including "Sovelmash" in the implementation of the development plan for producing electric vehicles in Russia
"Sovelmash" is preparing a package of documents on induction motors for the Depart…
Výsledky týdne v projektu Motory Dujunova
Hlavní události posledního týdne v projektu probíhali na staveništi.
What's new at the construction site | Comments by Alexander Sudarev
The roofing work is in full swing at the "Sovelmash" D&E construction site.
Overview of construction activities from the start until today | Construction of "Sovelmash" D&E
Let's remember how the construction process progressed from the beginning to the p…
"Sovelmash" D&E construction | Latest news
In this new video, our film crew will show you the changes that have taken place a…
Výsledky týdne v projektu Motory Dujunova
Sledujte novinky projektu a mějte přehled o jeho vývoji!
National representative office of SOLARGROUP opens in Peru
A new continent and region on the project map!
The Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow told about the company "Sovelmash"
The video about "Sovelmash" as a resident of the special economic zone.
The second flow of SOLARGROUP promotions has been completed: congratulations to the winners!
Three months of activities are over: SOLARGROUP partners have completed their mara…